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Creating a new Amazon Pay Account
Updated: February 11, 2021


In order to integrate Amazon Pay into your e-commerce solution, you will need to create an Amazon Pay accountan Amazon Seller Account and a Client Login application.

Amazon Pay Account

  1. Navigate to and fill in the form to create a new AmazonPay Account. Press Continue.
    AmazonPay - New Amazon Pay Account
  2. You may choose to link an existing Seller Account or create a new account.
    AmazonPay - New AccountAmazonPay - Existing Account
  3. Once you've created the Amazon Pay account and Amazon Seller Accounts, you can proceed to set up the JoomlaGears integration.

Amazon Seller Account - Login Client Application

Users will need to authenticate with Amazon on your site before being allowed to purchase products. In order to facilitate this, you'll need to set up a new Amazon Pay Client/Store ID configuration.

  1. Log into your Amazon Seller account at
  2. Click the menu item Integration > Integration Central.
    AmazonPay - Integration Central
  3. If you have not created a client ID / store ID, scroll to the bottom and click the link to create the IDs.
    AmazonPay - New client ID / store ID
  4. Enter an application or store name, description and URL to a privacy policy.
    Enter a value for "Allowed Javascript Origins" as the full URL to your home page, ex.
    Click Save Changes.
    AmazonPay - New Client ID 

Amazon Seller Account - Keys

You'll need to gather several pieces from your Seller Central Account to configure the Amazon Pay plugin.

  1. Click the menu item Integration > MWS Access Key
    AmazonPay - MWS Access Key
  2. Select the Application Name of the client ID / store ID created in the "Login Client" section above.
  3. Gather Seller ID (A), MWS Access Key ID (B), MWS Secret Access Key (C), Client ID (D), Client Secret (E)AmazonPay - Account Keys
  4. Open your AmazonPay plugin (payment_amazonpay) in the Joomla backend Plugins area. 
  5. Enter the keys from #3 into the plugin parameters and save.
    AmazonPay - Plugin setup