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Getting Started with J2Store Stats
Updated: February 9, 2021


Our J2Store extension package for JStats is a paid add-on. You'll need to first purchase the extension package.


  • PHP 7.0 or higher Joomla 3.0.x
  • J2Store 3.0 or above

Installation Instructions

  1. Install the pkg_jstats_j2store installation file.
  2. Provide to the administrator area > JStats > App Center.
  3. The J2Store apps will now be displayed with the "Add to Dashboard" buttons.
  4. Click "Add to Dashboard" for the chosen stat.
  5. The dashboard will launch with the new stat. If caching is enabled, there will be a button in the dashboard to clear the cache so the new stat will show properly.
  6. Set which J2Store orders are considered completed in the Dashboard. The sidebar menu will have a button to "Update Order Status" settings.
  7. Enable the 'Action Log - JStats J2Store' plugin in the 'actionlog' group to track checkout and subscription actions in JStats.