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JStats Dashboard
Updated: February 11, 2021


The JStats Dashboard provides a customizeable view where you can see your enabled stats. Your stats quickly update once you select a new date range to view, making JStats a powerful tool to compare past site behavior.

JStats - Dashboard

Any JStats modules in the 'jstats-dash' or 'cpanel' positions will be displayed in the dashboard. Modules in the 'cpanel' position will also be displayed in Joomla's configuration panel.


The Date Picker controls which data will be analyzed for displayed stats. You can choose between pre-selected values such as Month to Date, a specific quarter of the year or customize the date for any specific range. If you have not selected a date, the default from the JStats > Options will be used.

After you've selected the date and hit Apply, this date will be used to gather and display data for any JStats Apps or Fast Stats. The date range will also be used any time you come back to the JStats Dashboard in your administrator session.

jstats datepicker


The sidemenu provides the ability to add JStats Apps or Fast Stats easily with one button click. When you click the "Add New App" or "Add Fast Stat" buttons, you'll be taken to a new stat module to configure. Once saved, it will then be displayed on the dashboard.

JStats Sidebar - Add Stats

If you're using J2Store, the sidemenu will show you which orders are considered complete and provide instructions on how to update this value.

JStats - Sidemenu


Clear Cache

If you have caching enabled for your site, you may see the following warning:

JStats - Dashboard Caching

Changes made to modules in the backend won't automatically take effect. If you edit any JStatsApp or JStatsSummary modules, you must manually clear the admin module cache. To do so, just click the button for 'Clear Cache' in the Dashboard. 

App Positions

You may drag and drop the Apps into different positions on the dashboard. These will be saved and will be used when you revisit your Dashboard.