All Systems Go!

After a long period of planning & development, Joomla Gears is officially live! While this is a new Joomla!® extensions site, the people behind it have a long history in the Joomla ecosystem, from extensive client work to extensions that are staples on many sites. We know what we're doing and came together to make Joomla an even more powerful and productive CMS.

Who We Are

Joomla Gears is a collaboration between between 2 widely recognized development firms within the Joomla community:

Newline Web Design Newline Web Design, led by Adam Melcher, is based out of Tennessee. His team has primarily focused on custom client work creating Joomla ecommerce sites powered by J2Store along with hand-crafted templates and a strong focus on customer usability. Adam has given speeches at numerous Joomla User Groups and knows how to analyze the customer experience from top-to-bottom to turn a good website into a great one.

SourceCoast ExtensionsSourceCoast Extensions, led by Alex & Melissa Andreae, based out of Florida. Since its founding in 2008, SourceCoast has been continuously developing JFBConnect, the social network integration extension that powers tens of thousands of Joomla websites. Alex Andreae has spoken at numerous Joomla World Conferences, local Joomla User Groups and has developed for the Joomla core project.

Each of our teams brings decades of experience in different areas of web development. We began collaborating on client projects in late 2018 and quickly realized that the tools and improvements for Joomla could be refined for a much wider audience. 

The Focus of Joomla Gears

Joomla is an amazing, powerful CMS. With it, you can pull tie different extensions to create amazing websites. However, we've consistently seen roadblocks that end-users encounter that our initial set of extensions is directly intended to address from top to bottom:

  • The 10,000 foot view - With great extensions comes great responsibility. Once you've built your site, understanding the interactions of each extensions and your users can be difficult. JStats is our tool we've been using on client sitest for a Joomla-specific analytics dashboard. Get an in-depth look at your Joomla content, J2Store sales, customer lifetime value, cart abandonment and plenty more. JStats is a free extensions with core Joomla specific with paid add-ons for select extension stats.
  • Customer experience - eCommerce is prevalent now. If your checkout experience isn't top-notch, you're losing sales. It's that simple. Our initial volley to simplify making the sale includes 2 extensions:
    • Ultimate Cart - A slick slide out cart module with tons of features to let your customers see their totals and checkout quickly.
    • Amazon Pay - Why make a user add new billing and credit card info when they can pull it in automatically? Build trust and simplify the checkout experience to just a few clicks.

Where We're Going

This launch is just the beginning. While we've poured an immense amount of time into these initial extensions, we will keep expanding with new extensions to make Joomla a more powerful platform for eCommerce, blogging and as a general growth platform.

What are your pain points in developing high-growth and high-sales websites for Joomla? We'd love to hear from you in our forums or by contacting us directly!